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Terms and Conditions

We note below our advice to customers on servicing arrangements which include our regular requirements for mobile servicing together with advice specific to Covid-19.  Generally these guidelines also apply to repair or inspection visits but can be discussed and amended as appropriate to the vehicle and situation.

COVID-19 is changing the way we work and we must ensure we work in a way which is fully compliant with the latest social distancing and government advice.  Having conducted a risk assessment appropriate to our business, we have set out what actions need to be taken in carrying out our work in a safe manner.

Preparations for Our Arrival

  • For the work to go-ahead, Sidewaulk Camper Care staff and members of the customer’s household will not have tested positive or be symptomatic of Covid-19.
  • Caravan or Motorhome must be sited on a solid, level area with at least two metres of access all around the vehicle. If on a site not owned by the customer, permission must be obtained by the site owner for work to take place.
  • Access to water must be provided and, if possible, a power supply.
  • Remove all items in cupboards and lockers both to avoid the need for touching and allow ease of access for the engineer.
  • The damp report will be limited to areas that the engineer can easily access without moving any obstructions.
  • If easy to do so then upholstery should also be removed to allow freedom of movement and to reduce any contact by the engineer.
  • Please allow space for our servicing van to be parked close to your vehicle so that it is not in a public area or can be taped off safely to avoid any contact or obstruction to members of the public.

On Arrival and During our Visit

  • The customer should remain outside of the vehicle during the visit. If necessary to enter the vehicle while engineer present then face coverings should be worn by all parties.
  • We will have a UV sterilisation box into which your keys can be placed.
  • The vehicle will be spray-treated internally with Steri-7 disinfectant prior to work starting inside.

Paperwork, Payment and Vehicle Handover

  • The servicing paperwork will require to be signed and, in case of wheel torques on a caravan, witnessed by the customer.
  • The invoice will be printed and given to the customer for immediate payment.
  • Payment can be made either by cheque, card or cash but preferably as an online bacs transfer.