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ALDE Fluid Change

ALDE heating systems require the glycol fluid to be changed at regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of the corrosion inhibitors and anti freezing properties.

The change interval depends upon which colour of glycol fluid the vehicle manufacturer has chosen to fill the system with. The most common fluid is Blue in colour and requires replacement every two years. Some manufacturers use the Pink (Magenta) fluid which has a replacement interval of five years.

As an ALDE approved company, Sidewaulk Camper Care will only carry out fluid changes using genuine ALDE Magenta Glycol fluid. In this way we can be certain that the glycol fluid meets the strict specification stipulated by ALDE to maintain protection against the corrosion that naturally occurs when dissimilar metals are present within the same system.

When carrying out a habitation service on a vehicle fitted with an ALDE heating system, Sidewaulk Camper Care will carry out a hydrometer specific gravity test to determine the condition of the glycol fluid.

If customers notice a vinegar or fishy smell it is recommended that the glycol fluid is replaced as a matter of urgency – to minimise corrosion within the system.